Automatic home: DHT11, MQ135, module sim 800L, FPM10a

Use cayenne platform to control light,… and read temperature, gas concentration
Automatic fire alarm
Antitheft devices
Report a problem via cellphone

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nice project @nguyenhoang140195. if possible can you give more details and share the code with cayenne community.
also about your gas sensor, without adding the widget to your dashboard how were you able to get notification and that too a call :thinking: (cayenne new feature) or was it someone else calling you.


Thank you so much!! I try to improve and update in cayenne community

what is the use of this great project if cayene does not warn of alerts or actions … I think it’s a shame that we have 2 months without actuators or warnings

@luisvaljun8 team is working on getting this bugs fixed. so just hold for some time.

I heard that about trigger/actuator fixes 3 months ago, nothing changed

YES agroelektronic team cayenne is very slow for repair actuadors