Basic account - want to change my username or delete account


After signing up and creating an account, I realized the system assigned my username as Bob. Not a very unique username by far. LOL I’d like to change it or delete my account and create a new one. How can I do that?

Thank you!


I can tell you from experience name changes don’t work so well. Try to click my username to view my profile :stuck_out_tongue: Besides…Bob is a very unique name, one of the only ones you can spell forwards and backwards!



@bob You can edit your community profile as you please, best to do it sooner than later :slight_smile:



LOL - Thanks for the reply but there is no option to change “Username” or to
delete profile/account. Only option is to edit display “Name”
Bob Blaustein (aka: Dawgs)


Still not possible to change my username… Any help?