Profile email change?


How can I change my profile email ? I want to receive my alerts on another email different the one I use when I registered in Cayenne…



I believe @rsiegel can help you with that. You cannot change it as a user if I remember correctly. Probably should add something to allow this at some point.


Hi @pablodiazlp – I can help with this. Could you please email from the current email address on the account (just to verify you are the account owner). In that email, let me know the new email address and I’ll have one of our engineers make the change.

We’ll have this feature in the platform in the future.



Thanks! But the question was with the intention to do it in the future. I want to create some solution for a client, and when it will be ready I will change my email for the email client’s. If the email change is not posible I will tell my client to create their own account in Cayenne and give it to me for configuration…

Thanks again!

This feature it will nice to have in the future!


Ah yes, we’re happy to change email addresses manually, but for now there is no user-facing way to do this. Sorry about that.