Beehive Scale / Cayenne LLP Type for "Load"


I’m currently building a beehive scale using an HX711, a RFM96 and a bare bones Arduino and I was wondering whether there was a Cayenne LLP package type for “Load”.

According to the following website, there should be one:

However, I cannot seem to make it work. I recently made a weather station and found the following package types to work:

CayenneLPP lpp(51);                    // create a buffer of 51 bytes to store the payload

	lpp.reset();                           // clear the buffer
	lpp.addTemperature(1, temp);           // on channel 1, add temperature
	lpp.addRelativeHumidity(2, hum);
    lpp.addBarometricPressure(3, pres);

Is there something similar for weight/load?


currently data types are limited to