Help with not working Cayenne LPP types

I’ve tried sending the following payloads to TTN/Cayenne, but they won’t be identified.

  • Altitude: 0F790031 (channel: 15)
  • Current: 11752328 (channel: 17)
  • Direction: 128400C8 (channel: 18)
  • Distance: 0E8200030D40 (channel: 14)
  • Energy: 138300002710 (channel: 19)
  • Frequency: 147600000364 (channel: 20)
  • GenericSensor: 1564000004D2 (channel: 21)
  • Percentage: 0A784B (channel: 10)
  • Power: 18800064 (channel: 24)
  • RelativeHumidity: 1A680195 (channel: 26)
  • Switch: 1B8E01 (channel: 27)
  • Unixtime: 0C855E45A564 (channel: 12)
  • Voltage: 097403A2 (channel: 9)

I’ve used as reference to generate these payloads. These types aren’t listed in the documentation.

Aren’t these types supported (anymore)? Or are these payloads somehow erroneous?

the data types listed in the cayenne documentation are only supported right now.

Are those other types deprecated? Or not implemented yet?

not sure how the user got those data types. but currently only the data types listed in cayenne docs are supported.

Looks like you are viewing a fork. should be

But… Energy: 138300002710 (channel: 19) is working, although not identified by TTN and not listed in the Cayenne documentation :thinking:


that is just an generic analog input sensor showing the energy data.

But it is called “Energy (W.h.)” in the dashboard :thinking: So, it seems like Cayenne is somehow supporting the energy type.

i am not aware of this. but from the documentation it is not supported yet.