Bluetooth, Sensor Puck, Greenhouse automation/ Sensor Hat


I have some Questions/ideas:

Will there be any support for bluetooth sensors like Sensor puck from silicon labs?

I would like to use a Raspberry Pi Sensor hat for a greenhouse project. Will there be a support for the sensor hat.

Best regards


Hey Cay,

Welcome to the Cayenne community!

We likely won’t natively the sensor puck, but we are creating the ability to insert custom code and drivers to use in Cayenne, which should give you the ability to bring on whatever device you desire!

Although the Pi Sense Hat is not supported right now, I’m thinking in the future it will be.

See you around,



Hello bestes,

Do you have any idea about when the Sense Hat module will be supported ?
I’m doing a school-project on Cayenne and would like to include the Sense Hat.
If it will be supported in the next couple of weeks that would be very nice.
Otherwise I would have to look into some other components.

Big thanks in advance !



Glad to hear about Cayenne and your school project, if you can share what it entails I’d love to hear.

Sense Hat won’t be in next couple weeks. We are pushing hard for Arduino integration over next weeks so most of the team is working on Arduino. As you said, I would look to other components. Let me know if you need some help deciding which components.