BMP180 Graph Widget Not Working

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Jessie FULL

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Pi 1 B

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I was able to add my BMP180 sensor to my dashboard as a value widget, but when I add the sensor as a graph widget it is only displaying one value. It is displaying no values for the Live tab. Also the only value displayed on the graph is Pressure, and I would like it to display temperature as well. I also noticed that the value widgets do not show elevation either. The value widgets work properly, updating sensor data every few seconds.

Hi @glasermrk,

You should only need to ever add a sensor once. When you added the BMP180 graph widget, it does not display any data because there is no sensor connected to that widget. The BMP180 already exists in the two value widgets that you see displaying in the image attached. You can then change the widget in the widget settings from a value widget to a graph widget.

So if you go to the settings on the current BMP180 temp widget (the cog wheel in top right corner) you can change it to a graph widget.

Also, BMP180 (that I’m aware) does not show elevation. The elevation is used as an input to determine the pressure data though.

Hope this helps! I would just delete the graph widget that you added the second time.


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