Problems adding BMP180

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3, 4.4 Kernel.

After adding the BMP180, 4 new widgets showed up on the online dashboard. 2 of them showed graphs of the pressure and temp and two others which were empty ( I think they’re supposed to show the current pressure and temperature as a number). The empty ones don’t show up on the IOS app at all.

I tried restarting the PI but nothing changed.

Hi @julian

That sounds like a something funny happened during the add widget process to me. Adding the BMP180 should create two widgets (one for pressure and one for temperature). I’m not sure off the top of my head whether they’d be Value or Graph widgets by default, but you would be able to switch between the two in widget settings.

I’d say as a first troubleshooting step, delete all 4 of these, and try re-adding. If you run into widgets stuck in ‘Removing’ state while doing this, you can use the Reset Dashboard option to clear them. Just be aware it might lose some superficial settings if you have other widgets on the dashboard that you’ll need to re-set.