how do you install two ds18b20 sensors?


Hi @vincenzovaiti,

Have a look at this post I made a while ago showing how read multiple DS18B20 sensors connected to the same Arduino device. The concept in that code could be extended beyond 2 sensors as well. If you’re using some other device/connectivity type, let me know what it is and I should be able to help you there as well.


the code of the raspberry where do I have to put it?


use raspberry


Hello, what board are you using?


If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can do this without code if you prefer. Just follow this tutorial to wire both sensors to GPIO4, and Cayenne will auto-detect the sensors and create widgets for you on your dashboard.

This assumes that you have already connected your Raspberry Pi to Cayenne with our Pi agent software. If you haven’t done that yet, here is a walkthrough on how to do so.


hello thanks for the help …
I have already connected the two bs 18d20 sensors as per schema and cayenne displays zero as a value … maybe I’m wrong setting the dashboard?


you can send me the link diagram tonight thanks


Now connecting both of the sensors tells me that the raspberry is off individually working help me


There are currently some issues with the online status falsely stating offline. As far as the DS18B20 problem, what @rsiegel posted is correct. Can you take a picture of your wiring and run the command below in the terminal and post the output?

ls /sys/bus/w1/devices