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Hi there
I’m new so may be only I don’t understand how to do this.
On my project I use button to turn on / off relay on my ESP device
So I use button to manually switch relay and 2.state to monitor state of relay
On ESP I have timer witch turn off relay after 5.min.
2.state icon show me real state of my relay, but icon of button is still ON.
I think this is bug. We are talking if I choice “display icon” . In case if I choice “display value” it show real state!

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that is because you updated the 2 state and not the button.

I use button in both case. I need it to manual open relay. In case of “value” work well.

sorry, but i did not get.
You have one button widget A which controls relay and one two state sensor widget B which tells you the current state? So when you turn on the button A the relay turns ON and then after 5 minute it turns OFF. This OFF state is updated to the two-state widget B but not to the button widget A.

This is only example. I trigger it manually by ESP command. I wont to explain that if I use button as “icon” it is not updated by state of relay. In case if I use “value” status is updated as real state of relay.
2.state icon (zalivam 2) is showing real state of relay

sorry, but i dont understand what you mean.

I make video, to help understand, what I mean.
Icon “ročno zalivaj 2” is button with icon for channel 6
Icon “ročno zalivaj 2-” is button with value for channel 6
Icon “manual open” is button for set channel 6
Icon “zalivam 2” 2.state to show state of value 6

at 0:07 I touch button and relay at ch.6 is going ON. Everything like it must be
at 0:35 I touch button again to switch off and it work as expected.
(take look “ročno zalivaj 2-” button it show real state of ch.6)
at 0:38 I touch “manual open” which have same function - open ch.6
at 0:58 you will see, that relay is going to high also button “ročno zalivaj 2-” is show real state of ch.6 only “ročno zalivaj 2” show false state.
also one more interesting. Take look at 1:01. When I open settings for “ročno zalivaj 2-” at this time also “ročno zalivaj 2” show real state of ch.6

First of all, you cannot use the same channel for two widgets or more widgets. You cannot update the button widget from the devices uplink as it requires a response cmd with the sequence. You can only use a 2 state widget to show the relay state on the cayenne dashboard.

Thanks for explain this. I’m new and I like to learn what is possible in what not.

let me know if you need anything else. You have got something interesting going on your dashboard.

I’m waiting for some relays and some other stuff to finish and mount everything. If I got stack I will call you. Thanks for helping

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