IOS App wrong Icons



why does it come that the icons are not properly shown in the IOS app latested version 2.3.

On the desktop version they are shown as a button, in the IOS APP version they are shown state icons, They should be the same as the Relay 8 icon, now I can’t use them the switch on the relay I have connected to it via the mobile phone.


The strange thing is that sometimes more icons changes and after a restart of the app they are sometimes all back to the correct state.

Any ideas

This I didn’t had before when I was running it in version 1 agent devices.


so sometimes the button widget changes to two state icon and cant be used to turn on/off relay?
what do you get in the setting? can you change it back to button widget?


Correct on your first statement
In the setting is it mentioned as TwoState widget

just opened the app again and even Relay 8 has changed from Icon (see picture)

and if I go to the settings page I can’t change the icon type as I have no option to do so, only the Twostate widget is selectable

after I left the app and tried again now I’m able to select the button widget again, this is so unstable

and I changed all back to the button widget


they are added as sensor. you need add a actuator (relay).


Those devices are added via the desktop version as relay and not a sensor as you can not select a relay under the sensors section.


first remove the widget then try adding the relay from the app.


I made the full config via the desktop version and use only the IOS App to control the relays

IS there a difference between APP and desktop version in adding devices