Bug Filed on 07-08-2016: Incorrect Association of Extension with Serial Bus 1


What dashboard are you using? I am using the online version of Cayenne though I noticed that I could circumvent the problem using the iOS version of Cayenne.

What OS? I am using Jessie

What Model Pi? Raspberry Pi 3

Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!

I am trying to interface Cayenne with an MCP3008 ADC and trying to add it as an extension to serial bus 0. However, after a few tries, it kept associating the extension with serial bus 1. I tried creating the extension on the iOS app and I was able to successfully accomplish association correctly there. I checked the circuitry of my RPi and it was correct. Do you have any idea why this was occurring? Thank you - I will patiently wait for the day when I can remove the extension associations to serial bus 1. :wink:

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Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

I thought I had noticed exactly what you described here last night while I was working with @frederic here-

So I wanted to try and replicate exactly what I thought I saw and what you saw. So I re-imaged an 8GB uSD card and went for it. So I started with a new image of 2016-05-27-raspbian-jessie.img and did the usual localisation housekeeping and loaded a new instance of Cayenne on a RPi3b. I already had the circuit built with the MCP3008 pin 10 (CS/SHDN) jumpered into physical pin 24 (GPIO8/SPIO_CEØ_N) on the RPI as can be seen in this photo with the brown jumper.

I then added the MCP3008 to the RPi in Cayenne as indicated in the below screen capture-

So I’m plugged into CEØ and I selected SPI Chip-Select 0 and low and behold it populated the Extensions window on CE1-

So, yup I saw what I thought I saw, and Jacob confirmed it! So we will pass this on to @bestes so he and the crack team at Cayenne can do what they do so well.

Good catch Jacob, and again welcome to the Community,



Thank you so much Ian! I am glad I could catch it! If I see anything else while working, I will let the community here now!

So… Just wondering… Does that mean I get a badge for spotting a bug that was confirmed? Like you know, something like “flyswatter” or “bug zapper”? :grin:

Also, did you also try running it on the iOS app of Cayenne to see if you could replicate my results (meaning the circumvention of the problem)?


@bestes Waiting for your soluce soon,
thanks Ian


sure, here ya go :trophy:

no iOS here



Hi Ian, did you get any feed back from @bestes
Hi desesperatly need a soluce :wink:


Sorry guys, @frederic @JayMasters @Ian

Thanks for reporting this bug @JayMasters and thanks for confirming it @Ian. We should be able to get a fix for this next release. Keep you guys updated!



@Ian Thanks bro.

@bestes sick profile pic. Glad you guys are working on a fix for the problem. Cayenne is great and I look forward to each new update and fix.

~ JayMasters