Bug Filed on 07-08-2016: Removing extensions

Hello All,

I am not able to connect the analog photoresistor to cayenne web app as per the tutorial. I followed the below diagram.

Once the circuit assembly is done, I followed the process to add it to the dashboard but the IO and the connectivity section is not highlighted.

Please help



Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Have you added the MCP3008 ADC to Cayenne? If not, it needs to be added. The I/O and Connectivity options should be available after the MCP3008 is added.

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Thanks Ian
I was able to add the analog to digital converter IC (MCP3008).
But, it shows a couple of Extensions of the same name (MCP3008).
Please refer the below screenshot

Please let me know how to remove one of them.

This is/was a known bug, and I’m not sure if it has been resolved.
@bestes Benny, is removing extensions still a problem?


Hi @satyajeet, Hi @Ian,

Unfortunately, Ian is correct, this is a known issue that is in our backlog of fixes to get out the door. It will be fixed in a future release.