Can not add MCP3008 to Latest Raspberry Pi added to Cayenne

I am attempting to add an MCP3008 A/D to a new Raspberry Pi Zero W that I just download the Cayenne software to. When I get to the place where it asks which device will the MCP3008 be attached to, it , the systems displays all the other Raspberry Pis I download Cayenne to but NOT the latest one. I can see all the Raspberry Pis, including the new one, on the Dash Board so I know that system is aware of it presence.

Thanks for any help you can provide me.


currently agent 2.0 does not support extension, analog sensors. have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

When will this be fixed?
I am trying to monitor my sensor outputs with the MCP3008 and cannot as described in the 2.0 update.

Thank you!


have a look at the latest announcement Happy Holidays - New Cayenne Release!