Build for Python 3.4.2 failed\n

  • Pi 2 Model B / 4GB SD card

  • OS Version: 2016-09-23-raspbian-jessie-lite

  • Web DashBoard

When executing sudo bash -v there is the following error:

Tue 1 Nov 12:04:32 UTC 2016 Installing myDevices agent
Tue 1 Nov 12:11:46 UTC 2016 Found Python 3.4.2…
Tue 1 Nov 12:11:46 UTC 2016 Copying agent libraries
Tue 1 Nov 12:12:15 UTC 2016 Installing python utils
Tue 1 Nov 12:12:36 UTC 2016 Installing software components
Tue 1 Nov 12:12:38 UTC 2016 Trying to install myDevices for python3 version: Python 3.4.2
Tue 1 Nov 12:12:39 UTC 2016 Build for Python 3.4.2 failed\n

Before posting, I tried almost every solution I found and any of them worked for me, also I reinstalled the OS but same error.

Please, what should I do?

Thanks and best regards,


This worked for me:

sudo apt-get -f update
sudo apt-get -f upgrade
sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get -f install python3.4
sudo apt-get -f install


Glad to hear that updating the OS resolved this for you @jose_inesta! Moving this to ‘Resolved’.


I was having the same problem while trying to install on a Pi Zero W. I ran apt-get update and then upgrade (first two steps above) and saw that I now had python 3.4.2-2 so I ran the Cayenne install script again and everything worked!