Can se a new RSP in dashboard


has added a new RSP , but can not see it in dashboard . it is possible to see that the RSP talk to mydevices or is there another way to see what’s possible . is wrong.
with friendly greetings Lars


Hi Lars,

Can you attach some screenshots? I’m not sure I understand, sorry!

To check if myDevices service is running on your Raspberry Pi, you can run

sudo service --status-all


Hi Bestes thanks for the reply
here is a small excerpt from my ssh to RSP . as I see it run mydevic not (- ) but I can see GPIO setup ( in webiopi standard ) when I browser (ip adr.:8000 )
But I can’t see RSP in my caynne app ?.
I make several installations and has come to the same resutat .
I hope you can understand what I write when I write through google translate

[ ? ]
[ ? ]
[ - ] myDevices
[ ? ] networking
[ - ] nfs-common



Hi Lars,

You may be experiencing a bug that we are fixing very soon. We plan to fix this bug on Monday, 03/20.

You can also type this for a temporary fix:

sudo service myDevices restart
sudo service webiopi restart

Let me know how it goes, thanks.



Hi benny thanks for the reply
I can see that mydevice not run even if it is reset with the cmd that you wrote about. Webiopi run well enough? . I have 2 STKS RBP as well run they will be put up for approx 3 weeks ago and they run good enough , it’s something with the version number to mydevice not run ? it is incidentally one RPB 2 I run with and VERSION = " 7 (wheezy )


Hi Lars,

Interesting that 2 of your RBP are working, but one is not. Can you try re-installing the RBP that is not working with the latest version of ‘Jessie’?



Hi Benny
hmm good ides because now when I think about it, run the other RBP with Jessi . I will do the next couple of days now when I have the Easter holiday . :sunglasses:


Sounds good Lars! :sunglasses:


hi Benny then manage to get my RBP to work, so it was a real proposals so thanks for that . now I have to get my water entry system to work here in my cottage, and it’s just done very easily with cayenne so look forward to .


Hi Lars,

Good to hear!

When you get your water system working, post your project to this category :slight_smile: