myDevices give the Raspberry offline


I am new to this so if some one can help me.

This are the facts.

Installation went good and the raspberry was rebooted on the dashboard i can see the raspberry with the right data only on top of the screen the dashboard gives off line
and the RAM, CPU and Disk gives no data.

Any help will be appreciated

With reguards,


Welcome to Cayenne!

Do you have a firewall blocking port 8181?

Check everything networking related:

If everything looks ok there check the services:

  • sudo service myDevices status
  • sudo service webiopi status

Also check if your disk is full:

  • df -h

Post back if everything looks good but still not showing online.

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the help.

The first thing i see is with nslookup it gives me 2 answers back

Non-authoritative answer:

The other one failed is a line in service myDiveces status, it say’s
Jun 01 20:26:41 EVKKAS01 systemd[966]: pam_exec(login:session): conversation failed

Further there is nothing that is different, still say’s offline

Are you using Jessie Full?

Yes, i have because i now that the light is not supported

Hi @a-wanders,

Sorry about this. I’m hoping you can help us get to the root issue here. I’ve noticed that some other users have also experienced similar.

Would you mind running this command and posting output?
ps axu | grep python

Also posting the logs would be very helpful in this situation:
tail -f /var/log/myDevices.log

Thank you in advance for your time!


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Sorry for the late reaction, but i had other work to do.

The out come of ps - axu is
root 892 1.7 1.4 36124 13580 ? Sl Jun02 139:11 /usr/bin/python3 -m webiopi -l /var/log/webiopi -c /etc/webiopi/config
root 25022 0.0 0.1 4284 1848 pts/0 S+ 20:17 0:00 grep python
root 31161 6.0 2.6 143920 25504 ? Ssl 02:16 65:43 /usr/bin/python3 -m myDevices -P /var/run/

The out come of the log file is

2016-06-07 20:17:56 - myDevices - INFO - PacketTypes.PT_UTILIZATION
2016-06-07 20:18:21 - myDevices - INFO - SendHistoryData previously SendFailed items:
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - History CalculateAverages increment: 36
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - Calculate sensor info averages: {‘SensorsInfo’: {‘9dc875d90e762bbb030d6a2a3748d3506a32f415’: 36, ‘7f4a9ccc48c69a2c9be1e967af1afb90bdf522dc’: 36}}
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - Save History Averages
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - Memory usage : 2162 size: 25504
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - Resouce usage info: resource.struct_rusage(ru_utime=3408.86, ru_stime=536.75, ru_maxrss=25504, ru_ixrss=0, ru_idrss=0, ru_isrss=0, ru_minflt=18880877, ru_majflt=0, ru_nswap=0, ru_inblock=0, ru_oublock=212160, ru_msgsnd=0, ru_msgrcv=0, ru_nsignals=0, ru_nvcsw=1561572, ru_nivcsw=277478)
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - PacketTypes.PT_SYSTEM_INFO
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - ExecuteMessage: 3
2016-06-07 20:18:26 - myDevices - INFO - PacketTypes.PT_UTILIZATION
2016-06-07 20:18:55 - myDevices - INFO - ExecuteMessage: 4
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - History CalculateAverages increment: 37
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - Calculate sensor info averages: {‘SensorsInfo’: {‘9dc875d90e762bbb030d6a2a3748d3506a32f415’: 37, ‘7f4a9ccc48c69a2c9be1e967af1afb90bdf522dc’: 37}}
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - Save History Averages
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - Memory usage : 2163 size: 25504
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - Resouce usage info: resource.struct_rusage(ru_utime=3410.38, ru_stime=536.98, ru_maxrss=25504, ru_ixrss=0, ru_idrss=0, ru_isrss=0, ru_minflt=18889932, ru_majflt=0, ru_nswap=0, ru_inblock=0, ru_oublock=212264, ru_msgsnd=0, ru_msgrcv=0, ru_nsignals=0, ru_nvcsw=1562205, ru_nivcsw=277555)
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - PacketTypes.PT_SYSTEM_INFO
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - ExecuteMessage: 3
2016-06-07 20:18:56 - myDevices - INFO - PacketTypes.PT_UTILIZATION

Hope you can find the problem, the only other thing i can imagine is to rebuild every thing

All way willing to help



I am having the same issue, with the “pam_exec(login:session): conversation failed” message. I am not sure if it would matter, but the only other thing on this test Pi2 was Eric’s original WebIOPi 0.7.1.

I am going to install a fresh copy of Jessie and try again; I will report back IF the results change.



After a clean install, it works as expected. I suspect it had something to do with my old/original installation of WebIOPi 0.7.1 and that I had the passwd file removed for “unprotected” mode.



That is my suspicion as well. Cayenne uses modified version of WebIOPi so installing Cayenne over an old version can case issues.

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Hope to see you around.


I have also rebuild my raspberry with the latest version of Jessie and installed cayenne succes after that it is working fine now and i can reach it from the webinterface and from cayenne od Android.
Thanks for the help

Great to hear! Thanks for updating us.