Can you add more actions for the powerful raspberry pi? (python scripts)


When I want to setup an action to my pi I only have the options of shutdown or reboot. If you can enable the ability of running some Python script it would be very exiting.


Welcome to Cayenne!

This is currently being worked on, a lot of people are excited to see this released!


Good. And another request is export/import feature for backup the settings.:slight_smile:


This looks interesting, I’m trying to interface an Energenie Raspberry Pi remote board to a phone App.

The Energenie python lib does all the setup and just needs a “switch_on(1)” or “switch_off(1)” to control wireless remote sockets.


Lol! This is exactly what I came here to ask! I too want to operate an energenie board from my Cayenne dashboard, which would be as simple as a button which when pressed executes a script on the pi.

This also gets around the issue of not supporting some of the sensor types etc. At least as an initial work around which would be sweet!