Can't add any variable actuator!


hello everyone

i recently bought a raspberry pi 3 model B and since i’m new to it and because i have a little experience with python i installed cayenne on my pi and downloaded the android app. i’m having a problem adding a device that is not (ON/OFF) controlled like change luminosity LED option. other actuators like a simple ON/OFF led or a relay can be added. i had a problem at first in which the android app gave errors when i was pairing it with my PI so i had to download it manually.

as you can see in the picture, the connectivity tap is grayed out. any help is appreciated.


You must add the PWM module PCA9685 via I2C.
Raspberry Pi does not have PWM output.


thank you for your replay. off topic question: does cayenne accept multiple ANDs and ORs inside an IF statement? and does cayenne deal the image processing?




If you are talking about the standard Pi widgets and triggers, no. With Arduino or the MQTT API ut is definitely possible.


I should add that multiple logical statements in triggers are being developed, as well. So that area will get more powerful.