Can't add a widget (first time...)

Hi guys, I think you guys have a winner with Webiopi. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
However, I installed Cayenne on my Raspberry Pi 3 and on the Raspberry Zero. OK, so I see
both devices on my desktop and my Cellphone with a bunch of meters - great. Now, I can go to
the GPIO page and turn on/off LEDs. This tells me that the installation was correct. But, when I
try to add an LED or any other device I get the red "" when I try to add it (after naming it, etc.)
Is the component library missing? can this be updated?

What have I done wrong?

hi @jacob.endure7 welcome to cayenne community. this tutorial has step by step procedure and has all the details but uses a MQTT connection. give it a try.

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You can use the Pi Agent connectivity as well if you don’t want to rebuild your project for MQTT using the tutorial linked above, so I’m happy to help troubleshoot the original issue you’ve posted about here as well.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the errors you’re seeing trying to add a new device/widget? I’m not 100% clear what you mean when you say a red “”.

Thank you for your help. In the mean time I have reinstalled the SW on both raspi’s. Yes, I have 2 raspberry pi’s one is a pi 3 W and the second is a pi zero. I had some problems with the pi 3W pinout but I found a patch for it and it’s ok now. I can toggle LEDs on each pi using direct login to …67:8000 or …68:8000 from my desktop PC. However, when I login from “myDevices Cayenne” I can see the two raspi’s with the meters, etc. but both are offline and gray. The same thing from my cellphone Cayenne app. I am not clear about the two ways of starting it:
1)sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi start
2)sudo webiopi -d -c /etc/webiopi/config
What is the difference? why is the GUI grayed out?
Please help

It looks like the two raspberry pi’s must be on two login accounts… or should I have them accessed on
different ports, like 8000 and 8080. Haven’t tried it. There is still a problem with the pinout of pi 3W
can you fix that?

Hi @jacob.endure7,

Hmmm, shouldn’t two different logins on Cayenne. You can add all of your devices to a single Cayenne account.

Cayenne runs a modified version of WebIOPi, so I’m thinking if you remove your original installation of WebIOPi and only install Cayenne on your Pi, things will look a lot better.

Makes sense? Let me know how that goes :slight_smile:


OK, so I now have the to Pi’s on two accounts, each on its own 8000 port. The two seem to be happy however, the Pi Zero is straggling with a simple load of 2 LEDs and 2 Buttons. When I press button 1 it takes it 10 seconds to responds and trigger the associated LED to Light up. The CPU is running 141 processes. To do the same thing from an app on my cellphone it simply does not work. This is useless for any robot application.

I’ve found the Pi Zero to have a hard time sometimes keeping up with very quick commands through WiFi. If you’re other Pi’s are running fine w/ Cayenne, then this could be the issue.