Cant add generic digital device

I cant add a Generic Digital Output Actuator. The add Actuator button is disabled. Any ideas?

Hi @Georgedlake,

For MQTT, you need to use Custom Widgets.

Select Button Controller Widget, and fill out the rest.

You will need a CAYENNE_IN function in your sketch for each one you add.

For example, if you put 1 in the channel field:

    int currentValue = getValue.asInt();
    if (currentValue == 0) 
       digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN, HIGH);
       digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN, LOW);



Hi community
I have the same problem too, "Step 2: Add Widget " button is disabled and when i click the “Step 1: Sketch file” button, in that code already exist CAYENNE_IN function. I am new in Cayenne, please help…

@jadzamen the step 2 is enabled once you fill all the details.

Thank you a lot, i made it, but i still have only virtual to choise (in the field connectivity) and if i want to just on/off the led i must have digital output pin in that field?

in new cayenne MQTT version, there is only virtual channel which act as communication between cayenne and your device. so next you write a code for whatever you want to the do with your device.

It works… Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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