Can't add tsl2561

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Cannot add tsl2561 on the web browser even tho I have followed the tutorial to the letter. I get the message to be sure I have selected the correct slave address. The sensor is not addressed so according to your tutorial 0x39 is the default setting. None of the 3 addresses work. I can however add on iOS but that fails to all outward appearances but the sensor shows up on web but does not function.

I have noticed differences in analog readings between web and iOS. 3.3volts on web and 1 volt on iOS. Could it be that iOS is just not syncing up properly?

Try running this command: sudo i2cdetect -y 1

You should see output similar to the screen shot here (but instead of 77 you will see your actual address): Configuring the Pi for I2C | Using the BMP085/180 with Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black | Adafruit Learning System

If you don’t get anything showing up there double check your wiring.

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