Car Dashboard

About This Project

Car Dashboard is an Collision Detection System. Accidents were happening in this world which is mainly because of collision between one CAR with another CAR.So, in order to reduce the accidents I used Ultrasonic Sensor to detect the collision stage of a car. Sensor was interfaced with Arduino and it’s present infront of the car. Here cayenne was used to get the Sensor data i.e distance between the two vehicle can be noted and displayed on the CAR DASHBOARD with the help of Mobile APP. With the help of this project,accidents can be reduced.

What’s Connected


Photos of the Project

Interfacing Arduino UNO with Ultrasonic sensors which can be done by the Pin configuration of the sensor.

Dashboard Screenshots

Distance between the two car can be viewed in the Dashboard.With the help of this Dashboard drivers can get the Exact position of their vehicle.And it will Explains about the distance he have to maintain to avoid collision.