Cayenne + BH1750


Arduino UNO + W5100 + BH1750
Cyenne-Arduino_BH1750.txt (489 Bytes)

MQTT + Arduino UNO + W5100 + BH1750
Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino_BH1750.txt (1.6 KB)

ESP8266 + BH1750
Cayenne-ESP8266-BH1750.txt (699 Bytes)

MQTT + ESP8266 + BH1750
Cayenne-MQTT-ESP8266-BH1750.txt (1.8 KB)

MQTT + Arduino MKR1000 + BH1750
Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino_MKR1000-BH1750.txt (1.7 KB)


Hi! Did you know how to use this sensor with Raspberry pi?


You must use Raspberry Pi and MQTT.


Thanks Tad! I’m new on Cayenne, I have a Raspberry Pi and will install MQTT C for this purposes but I don’t know if some C files you upload will help me to develop it easier. I will appreciate any help, thanks again


I can not work with Raspberry Pi and MQTT, maybe @adam will help you.


@stefschin I wonder if this post will help you too.


@stefschin, just checking in to see how your project is going, and if we can offer you any assistance for it.


Did you manage to connect your sensor to the Pi? Which version of Pi are you using ?


Thanks @rsiegel and @ognqn.chikov for your support! I have finished the basic project with 4 relays to control Lamps and fans, I have a AM2320 sensor for ambient temperature and humidity and 2x DS18B20 for lamp temp control. Next step is to add this sensor, and at last a co2 sensor. I will try in this days hoy to migrate the arduino MQTT library to Raspberry.
Would be correct this approach?


The DS18B20 and the relay is easy implemented in Raspberry pi. The temperature sensor is automatically detected. :slight_smile:
If you have any questions and need help - please write me a message :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


I think it will work fine if you choose to go that route, but it would be fine to run with Arduino MQTT as well. Really once you’re on MQTT both devices work very similarly from a Cayenne perspective, though the Pi of course has more memory and a full OS which can be helpful.


Share your project with us when you have finished it! :slight_smile:


Hi! You are right, it was very easy to implement DS18B20 and relay. I had problems with Raspbian but I think it was de SD Card and with a 12V with mosfet control. I’m with other projects right now but in the next weeks I will come back with this sensor. I made experience with T&H sensor AM2320, I use the MQTT library in forum from DHT22.


What you use 12Volts for ?