Cayenne client class on micropython

In June I will animate a 2 day workshop on IoT at the African Internet Summit in Kampala, Uganda. We will use the WeMos D1 mini ESP8266 CPU card and a whole series of its sensors. I wanted to use The Cayenne MQTT Python client but found out that this relies on the Eclipse Paho MQTT library, not available on Micropython. I therefore ported this client class to make it work on the umqtt/ MQTT client available in Micropython. The API is the same and the example programs work without modification.

I tested the library with a simple prototyping board featuring a photo resistor and an LED shining on it. The photo resistor is connected to the ESP8266 10 bit ADC while the LED is connected to D0 (GPIO 16).

I have BMP180,SHT30, a button, DS18B20, buzzer … shields which will all work with this Micropython Cayenne MQTT client


awesome work @uli.raich. would be great if you would share the library with the cayenne community.

if you need any support for this, then ping me.

At the moment I am testing the class with some 10 different sensor and actuator boards most of which are working. Once I will have finished (next week?) I could upload the code to github.
Would that be fine for you?

Please have a look here:

Great, thanks for sharing this.