Cayenne "Bring Your Own Thing", Rasp. Pi, Python and Cayenne MQTT Client

I added a new instructable about using Cayenne “Bring Your Own Thing”, Rasp. Pi, Python and Cayenne MQTT Client together.
If you interest, check it out.


Thank you, Can you also post here the steps so other community members can have them without going on other sites :slight_smile:

Ok I will do asap


Thanks for the Innstructables: DI, DO, AO but will there be one for AI ?
This would be the most useful to me and most people I am sure.

There is a good combo example:

that self generates some internal virtual data within the py script but an actual Real working example of say a DS18B20 or even reading the Pi internal variables etc would be great. Sorry if I have missed this somewhere already.

I find the Supported Data Types and where to configure the the units and value types confusing and it seems to limit the examples. As a beginner with python I have just been tinkering the python script examples but can not see where to change these units, values, channels. The documentatiion for most sensors has ‘Coming Soon’ comment but I am not sure if this is up to date. I might be just crashing around or it may or may not be there yet etc…

Can we set up generic AI and then manually configure things in the dashboard ?

In all, I am getting there slowly… My main aim is to use pyserial and bring in uPower radio mesh student junior school projects, and stream their data. I am pretty sure I can get this sorted once I have my MQT python in the Pi (Mux/Data Concentrator) to Cayenne sorted.

The Pi / Python / MQTT looks to me a very timely, logical, open platform and concept for students. Thanks all for the work and examples to date.
The best thing that could happen is to bring the MQTT Python approach in house and make it a 5th library within the existing, verynicely set out, “Option 1: Use the Cayenne MQTT Libraries”


~ Andrew

Hi I added a new instruction for Analog Input. I thint this will solve your problem.
The link is this

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Thank you so much for sharing these detailed tutorials with us!

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