Cayenne IoT + Wireless Vibration sensor + Google spreadsheet

Is it possible to create the bridge network using cayenne Cloud platform with google sheet?

I want to send the real-time values of wireless vibration sensor operating through esp8266.
please suggest your leads on this.

i am not sure what you trying to do, but if you want something like collecting data from esp8266 on one single device then you can try using node-red.

Hi, Yes I am connecting my gateway receiver with esp8266 but can you suggest me any sample solution in embedded c instead of using node red?
which will help me to modify and get me connected with cayenne cloud?

what you are trying to do cant be achieved by using the cayenne library code directly, unless you modify the library itself to subscribe to other device topic.
the only simple solution i suggest is to use node-red.

@derbon43 We do not have a native integration for google sheet. However, you can use NodeRed to connect to our MQTT broker and consume messages for your devices. Then you can send those readings to Google Sheets.