Cayenne and Openhab2 MQTT Integration!

I have been working on a project where i would like to control few things using ESP8266 and Cayenne MQTT. Previously few controls where added to Openhab2 which are running still but now i would like to include them to Cayenne Dashboard via MQTT and Also the current appliances that are linked to Cayenne MQTT to Openhab2. Its more of like interconnection bridge between Openhab2 and Cayenne so that we can control appliances via Alexa or Google Home via Openhab2 and same time monitor the data and control via Cayenne Dashboard.
The issue here is that does anyone know how to connect MQTT of Cayenne with Openhab2 or vice versa ?
It would be a great help for me in my project.
Thank you for spending your valuable time on my query! looking forward for positive response :slight_smile:

I have no experience in openhab2 but would like to see an interconnection between it and cayenne.
One thing that came in my mind is you can use node-red to subscribe to cayenne data and send to openhab2.
maybe I should be openhab2 a try or node-red expert @adam any thoughts on this?


Ya the only integration what i thought would be possible was with MQTT since anything on MQTT can be interlinked with each other but where i got lost was integrating MQTT of Cayenne on Openhab2 this also has an advantage as when MQTT of Cayenne is linked with Openhab2 Alexa can connect to those and provide response towards the changes.
I have never used Node-red though so my knowledge in it is very limited but indeed that is something new i got to know thank you for that :slight_smile:

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