Cayenne keeps sending mails every minute

i keep getting a bug that i can’t fix. Sorry that this is a duplicate but i can’t reply to the older post and the solution did not work for me. The thing is that ever since i installed cayenne on my pi 3, i keep getting mails every minute, it’s annoying as hell. i don’t know how to stop it. someone else has posted the same exact post and resolved it by typing “sudo crontab -e” and removing the line, but i can’t do that, it prevents me from doing so. When i press the letter i, i am able to remove it but then i can’t save or close it anymore. i have to press ctrl + z to close it but then it doesn’t save it. That is the only solution i think will work so that i can finally stop these mail sending. Does someone know how to solve these issues? Im sorry if i made a mistake while posting this, im new here. Thx in advance.

Sounds like you opened crontab with VI, which is a notoriously hard to learn text editor. Use the command select-editor and select nano then you can easily edit. If that doesn’t work, edit like you were and when you are done editing press esc and then type in ZZ (two capital z’s) That’s how you save with VI.

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thanks for help @adam!

@ianrogers729 if you can’t figure it out, let me know and I’ll see if we can delete your email from our database etc.


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thx a lot but i somehow solved it by using the command: “sudo crontab -r”
which deleted it completely.

Hopefully you didn’t have anything else in there you didn’t know you needed :grin:

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hmm what is crontab if i may ask? i actually im new to these things. What might it contain that i may lose?

At the very basic level it’s just a schedule system for linux. Certain programs may need to run at intervals to keep themselves running properly. Really you can throw anything you want in there. As with Cayenne some programs will add entries to it.

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ok thx again for helping.

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