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I started an account to test the product. I liked some of the features like scheduling. I have deleted all of my schedules and triggers yet I keep getting text messages. I cannot find a way to delete the account? The only other post that I could find on this subject did not provide an answer?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jackpot,

That certainly shouldn’t be happening when the triggers are deleted or disabled, my apologies.

We’d hate to see you leave entirely over this – I’m going to talk with the dev team and see if we can figure whats going on in the back end. That said if you do insist on account deletion, I can do it if you email from the email address on your account (so I can verify it is you making the request).

@jackpot if you are still around – they’d like to know if the unexpected SMS were related to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino (or both), and also the frequency you’ve been getting them after deletion.

@rsiegel Thanks for the quick reply. Just in case it helps, I have deleted the app on my iphone, I have blocked the account on my iphone (which is now at least stopping Cayenne from texting me), deleted my Arduino from the account, deleted all triggers, schedules and sensors. I am not in any hurry to leave, I just dont need a text message every night at 1700 hours as I have concluded the test that I had started.
Thanks and I look forward to your reply

@rsiegel Sorry, I did not see your second post. It was an arduino mega 2560 r3 which has not been connected for about a week now to anything (not even powered up at this point). I had 4 schedules, 1700, 1705, 1710 and 1730 which were all set to text me when they ran and were triggering a relay on/off. So, even though they were all deleted, they continue to send me a text at those times on a daily basis

@jackpot, thanks for the detailed information, we have several guys looking into it now. The one other bit that might speed us up is the telephone number in question. Can you send it to me via private message on this forum (or email to We will not use it for any other purpose than finding the offending texts in our logs.

Just replying publicly for anyone reading the thread who may have encountered a similar issue.

Long story short, we located a bug where recurring notification could continue to send if the Arduino device with associated scheduled events was deleted or taken offline before deleting its associated events. We’ll be fixing this very soon, but in the meantime my best advice is delete any scheduler events associated to a specific Arduino before deleting that Arduino from your account.

If anyone runs into the same issue before we get it fixed, just send me a private message and I can make the errant SMS stop :slight_smile:

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