Cayenne LPP implementation NodeJS

Hi There,
Is there any Cayenne LPP implementation in NodeJS ? I didn’t found any but may be my search was not good ?

thanks for any help

I have successful connect device using Node Js. You can see this topic: Intel Edison + Arduino Kit + Grove Starter Kit + MQTT + Node.js

There is also Cayenne package for Javascript:

npm install cayennejs


Hi @hallard04,

This is all we have for now.

BUT, we are going to be building node.js very soon!


@ognqn.chikov I think @hallard04 was looking for something specific to low power payload?..but I think your topic will be still be helpful :slight_smile:

thanks for your answer, I already use the cayennejs library with success, and as mentionned @bestes I’m searching for a library related to LPP payloads.

Looking at TTN source code about LPP it should be easy to adapt, and I can do it, but if nodeJS version is on the road, I can wait and focus on other things