Cayenne not detect my arduino uno

I discover recently cayenne.
I see all steps but my device not connect.
I use 1.6.12 ide, arduino uno, and usb direct conecction.
And when try to connect show me “Waiting for board to connect” and never connect.
I see the Serial port and show me 2 square and the Auth code token, al time.
What am I doing wrong ?

I try this:
With COM3 that is the arduino COM, and show me:
COM3 not found, or may be busy.
Select serial port [ COM1 ]:

This is my first try with cayenne !!!

I see that need disconect Serial port.
Now seems that Ok.
I leave for other that have the same problem.

Me tooo Cayenne not detect USB connexion :o(

I did this and now work for me

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