It stopped on "Waiting for board to connect...“


Hello, here is a question from a beginner.
I’am using an Arduino UNO board, I followed the steps, and at the Step 3: Connect your Arduino, I chose “Serial USB connection”, for copying the code to Arduino IDE and successfully uploaded. It stopped moving forward and kept showing "Waiting for board to connect…“, It has been lasting for half an hour, should I keep on waiting, or there is something wrong with setting?
Thank anyone who is willing to offer help.


Hi @595773256,

It should not take that long to connect. There may be an issue with how the serial USB connection is set up. I would recommend searching through this forum for some help that other people have received for using serial USB connection. Since I’m not sure exactly what issue may be, I can only be of so much help. Feel free to post the code you are using. Can you let me know if you are able to get online?




@595773256 as @bestes said some output from your device would be helpful in determining the cause. When you start the USB Modem script what are you seeing in the output there?