Cayenne operates as an Application Server


could you explain me how cayenne works in particular if I’m using Cayenne as an Application Server?

I read, the application session key was derivated from the APP key ( only known by the network server and the device) in OTAA method.

I also read, the Payload can’t be read by the network server, only the AS can decrypted the payload we talk about message encrypted end to end.

So I can’t understand how this method works with cayenne because when I added device/widget I never write the Appkey, only devEUI and Senet api, so how Cayenne knows the application session key ?

Thank you

Tagging @croczey and @bestes, they should be able to answer for you.

Thanks for the tag @adam . Hey @jcruz can you see if you can help here?


Hi @julien.terrier3,
The current Senet integration will send the decrypted payload to Cayenne, so Cayenne does not require the Application Session Key to read the payload.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you everybody, it’s clear.