Problem sending command: Wrong Senet API Key

When commanding digital output through the project dashboard, I receive this error: “Problem sending command: Wrong Senet API Key”

The key generated from Senet is of the type: “AK2:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” where “x” is a 39 character key value.

Any idea why Cayenne provides this error?

Hi @baruch.spence,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! I’m going to tag @rsiegel and @croczey who should be able to help tomorrow.


OK, sounds good. Thanks!


Update here.

I changed the order the digital output appeared in my ‘App Payload’ on the embedded device, and the error “problem sending command: Wrong Senet API Key” no longer appears. Not sure if that mattered or if something on the Cayenne side changed.

Now, when I use the Cayenne “Digital output” control in a project, it ends up sending an App Payload of 0x000064FF to the Senet network (and my device). I can see this value appear in my embedded device LoRaRx memory buffer. This doesn’t seem like it matches anything in the Cayenne LPP format.

If I send a downlink PDU message from the Senet site that matches the Cayenne LPP format, I’ll see my LoRaRx buffer update as expected. Same result for when I use the Curl POST method described here:

I’m tagging @eptak here as well as I suspect he’s best positioned to answer this question about what the format of an LPP downlink payload should look like.

My understanding is that a digital actuator payload coming IN (so uplink) to Cayenne via LPP should look like this (using an example of channel 5):

050100 would decode as:

    "channel": 5,
    "type": "digital_actuator",
    "unit": "d",
    "value": 0,
    "name": "Digital Output (5)"

However, I’m not sure what it looks like going in the other (downlink) direction, which is I think where he can help. Thanks for your patience, I think we can both learn something here :slight_smile: