Cayenne sample app


'I am trying to run the iOS sample app on a Mac book and I keep getting the error "try to import the “APP_KEY” which is not defined in any .env files. does anyone understand why?
if anyone has gotten thus app to run, can you give a better explanation on how you did this?


Click the “create app” button in the cayenne dashboard where you can take the APP_KEY and APP_SECRET, just put that in the .env file and try again.


ive done this. I think, perhaps ive placed the .env file. in the wrong folder or?


i have the .env file in the initial folder of the app


same here


dont put iii.env just .env


Hey… thanks for your help. I just solved it. I hope posting all the problems I have encountered will helpMacBook users. I named it iii beacause my laptop wouldn’t allow at first but I figured out why. it hides most of the files such as .env, .babelrc. hold down shift+command+. until files are visible.