Can any one please help.Im a beginner with zero knowledge

i have already done IOT project.Want my own cayenne customised app.Please make a simple beginer tutorial

Hello @mohdsufiyanhussain,

We have a sample app created by one of our developers that you can see here. In the readme at that GitHub link, there is a walkthrough that you can follow to implement it. I’d start there, and let us know if you have any questions or trouble while walking through it it.

Thank you.I’ll surely try

Im unable to understand Where those codes in example walk through are going to be used

Which codes specifically are you talking about?

All these codes

Isnt there some more detailed tutorial

Hi again,

That’s currently the most detailed tutorial we have at this time – it is a development API so it does assume some familiarity with application development (which is not my strong suit either, so I empathize). The sections in the walkthrough describe how the various code in the rest of GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-API-Sample-App were built and for what purpose.

In the future (when I understand this better) I’d like to make a very beginner-oriented tutorial with many screenshots on this forum, which might be more of what you’re looking for here. Until then, if you have specific questions about the implementation of this sample app, @hcortes might be the best oriented person to speak to them.


Hey can u tell me whats Redirect URI.I have completed the whole program.Just struck at redirect Uri

I ve done all but my how to get apk

What IDE did you develop with? They all have some sort of compile function that will spit out an APK.