Cayenne Temperature Monitor

About This Project

Temperature monitor can be useful to sense the room temperature of your home and based on the temperature level AC or Fan can be switched ON/OFF.We cant able to measure the temperature without any display or any instruments.No need here.Just our Phone is enough to get the Temperature Value that too Cayenne App is enough to measure.Cayenne makes it true.

Interfacing LM35 to Arduino by

Connecting the temperature sensor to board
Connect the +Vs to +5v on your Arduino board.
Connect Vout to Analog0 or A0 on Arduino board.
Connect GND with GND on Arduino.

The Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) converts analog values into a digital approximation based on the formula ADC Value = sample * 1024 / reference voltage (+5v). So with a +5 volt reference, the digital approximation will = input voltage * 205.

What’s Connected

Arduino UNO,Temperature Sensor LM35,Wires for connecting it

Triggers & Alerts

Dashboard Screenshots

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