Cayenne without internet

Hi all,
I found a message on this forum to the developers back in 2016 asking if it is possible to use Cayenne without internet. I have a caravan and more often than not, there is no internet access where I go in it. Thing is, there are so many many things I could use it for while towing and then on site, does anybody know if you can now use it ( set it up) with out internet. Thanks

you can give this a try Non-blocking connection with Cayenne

Hi Shramik,

Thanks for the reply and pointing me in the right direction. Unfortunately, not sure I’m experienced enough to do this yet so I’ve printed it off and put it in my file where one day I’ll have another go at it.

But, is this something you and your team are still considering doing or has this idea been shelved.


we have this on the cayenne roadmap but won’t be done soon.

Thanks for your reply and letting me know. No problem at all, the support you and your guys give is more than enough👍

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