Using Cayenne without Internet


I am not sure if this is the correct category, but I would like to know if there is a way to access Cayenne in areas where there are no internet connections. I am currently looking at using Cayenne in a project where both the Raspberry Pi and Controlling Device are at sea and do not have access to the internet. Is there a “program” that can be install on the PC instead of as a web interface?


Hi @Slbj1977,

I think you chose the right category. That’s a great question. Currently, only the Cayenne scheduling feature can be run locally on the Pi without an internet connection.

We plan to allow Cayenne users to run Cayenne locally at some point in the future, it’s on our product roadmap. For right now though, the majority of Cayenne features require internet access. Hope this helps,



Preparing to head off to burning man, this would be an awesome feature to be able to use :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,

Is there any news of using control functions and triggers without internet connection. It any timeline? My Pi will not have internet connection all the time.



Hi @schmersgahoven,

You can look at my BBQ project here. Cayenne does not control any of the digital I/O directly as I use Virtuals for interacting with Cayenne. Also, all decision making is done by the PID and timers. The only thing Cayenne does is start and stop the action and provide a setpoint. Cayenne monitors and displays my temperatures and the state of operation.

I expect that if the internet connection died, that it would continue to function, Especially if you had an additional set of local controls.