Cayenne's offline

Good morning.

I would like know if cayenne beens in maintenance.

Because my arduino board is not online.

I tryed everything!

Thank you.

I think its running as normal. Where is it getting hung up on connecting?

Welcome to the Cayenne Community @arduinoamc,

I’m not seeing this behavior with my Arduino devices or aware of any server side downtime. I’d be interested in the output from your Arduino IDE serial monitor while attempting to connect as well.

1 out of my 4 Pis have also stopped responding but can SSH in and connect to the internet

With internet connection I tried everything, but when I put the cayenne beginning code, show-me this in the serial port

This looks like your router is not properly assigning an IP address to the Arduino device. I’d give the code in this sketch a shot and see if you can get the Arduino properly connected to the internet taking Cayenne out of the equation.