Chirpstack / project is missing from the Lora drop down


I’m trying to successfully add data from my Chirpstack(formerly application server but I can’t select it from the drop down of other Lora networks.

I have a url that was evidently provided to the project at some point which I’m sending data to:

I have no means of adding a deveui in mydevices so that it can parse my deveui from the stream and populate the data to my new device.

Who can assist me with this? Seems that a mydevices team member is needed :cowboy_hat_face:

from where did you find the URL?

The latest test release has code to support mydevices and Iot in a Box as announced here:

I found the link in the code for Chirpstack Application Server on github:

we are working on this and will let you know once it is done.

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Can I make a small request on behalf of don’t represent The url leading to lora.mydevices was evidently created when the project was named The name was changed because Semtech owns the trademark to Lora.

It would be most preferred if the url had an alias that was this:

As this one still has the old name in it:

I’ll make sure to submit a pull request for the url change. This is a new feature in Chirpstack and for previously mentioned reasons no one can use the integration as of yet but just in case someone has the old url an alias would be nice which could be phased out sooner rather than later :grinning: