Chirpstack integration

I have tried to integration of different dragino end nodes like LDS01, LT-22222-L from chirpstack platform(The platform works on ) , the result is failure. If I try to do integration by The things Network, the result is success. How can I to integrate Cayenne with chirpstack?
Note :In applications in chirpstack device integration cayenne is selected.
Thanks for your helps.

if you added the integration then the data should be forwarded from chirpstack to cayenne. Can you PM me the DevEUI, so I can what is the issue.

Hi ! I am also having integration issue from Chirpstack. MyDevices integration is enabled, I see LoRaWAN packets coming into my Chirpstack server, I see IP packets getting out of my Chirpstack, I added two devices in my cayenne dashboard (Add new → Chirpstack > Cayenne LPP > The DevEUI I see in my Chirpstack server) one with LSB DevEUI and one with MSB, but never see any data in my Cayenne Dashboard. Anything I am doing wrong ?


can you private message me your DevEUI.

it looks like you have not selected the correct Network server. on the top right corner below the device name, check if the network name is chirpstack
Remove the device and re-add it while first selecting chripstack network server and then search for the device.

That is correct, I had the wrong network for the device with the correct DevEUI ! Thanks for helping.

We should add some precision in the Chirpstack documentation.

Thanks again, that Cayenne looks quite impressing.