Client does not communicate with the server when cayenne is not connected

my esp8266 clients are connected to servers via a router. when cayenne and connected everything is fine to and from cayenne and to and from the server. But when I do not want to connect cayenne, the client will no longer communicate with the server even if in the network they are connected and their ip has not changed. Have any such problems been reported?
I’m going crazy because I do not understand if it’s my problem or incompatibility with the used libraries that are these:
ESP8266WiFi.h, ESP8266Ping.h, WiFiClient.h, WiFiManager.h, EEPROM.h, Timezone.h, NTPClient.h, CayenneMQTTESP8266.h.
The tcp port used and the 8080 this command: WiFiServer server (8080);
Thanks in advance

Add this line #define CAYENNE_DEBUG in your code and check your serial monitor. you will find what is the problem
Also can you post the code you are using in both cases.