CO2 Sensor & ESP8266


About This Project

CO2 Sensor used to detect ambient CO2 levels of area.

What’s Connected

MH-Z16 NDIR 50,000ppm CO2 Sensor

Triggers & Alerts

On feature list to alert if an area is toxic



Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Coming soon…


Overall a pretty easy setup. Used SoftwareSerial to reconfig the pins on the ESP8266 to handle the sensor’s data.

Would be nice to have the ability to add a custom label to the widget’s unit, PPM.


Very cool project, the graph widget is looking good!

Adding custom label will be coming.

Have you checked out our recent release of MQTT API? We’re looking for the Cayenne community to start integrating their various devices using the API, and I’m offering a rewards program for submitting your code!


I’m interested in MQTT but it seems that it doesn’t have all the offerings yet (triggers, PPM value, historical data)

What are the advantages of doing MQTT over how it’s configured now? I’m so new to this I’m not sure I understand which is the best solution.

Best regards,


Hey Chris,

Yikes, sorry for late response here. MQTT should now have triggers, historical data, and mobile app support is coming soon. The advantages of MQTT is more reliable messaging service from Cayenne side. It’s a communication protocol that’s meant for constrained environments and specifically developed for IoT. There is no probably with using how it’s configured now though.

Cayenne’s MQTT API is also great because it allows you to connect any board out there to Cayenne project builder. So now you aren’t limited to Arduino or Raspberry Pi. I could just be a fun learning experience to mess around with MQTT integration.

Hey also, if you have a free minute, can you submit this project to Cayenne page?