Combining multiple temperature sensors


Device & model used Arduino Uno with W5100 ethernet shield

Dashboard used Web

If trying to activate two, or more, identical temperature sensors, model “DS18B20”, the widget does not take in consideration that there are more than one, and the script only caters for one unit.
Therefore, no matter how many sensor you activate, only one will work, unless you manually modify the script to make it cater for more sensors, but I found no indication about this requirement to modify the script, if not on a preceding user note.


Yes, with Arduino you will have to send the data back on different channels. Here is the docs:

Scroll down to W5500 + Analog Distance Sensor + TMP36 x 2


I have the same problem, only one works.
When I put a second sensor the cayenne system always send me the same code for the two sensors, ever V0 and only one works.