Complex Arduino and/or Nodemcu programming

Hi, I’ve been using Raspberry pi with Cayenne successfully for simple projects until last Agent update, but I wait for scheduler update. Thinking about a new project, it’s a beer fermentation controller, I can’t depend on cayenne and internet connection for this tasks, so I decided to move my project to nodemcu (ESP8266) and program with Arduino IDE, add a lcd display, RTC , and additional inputs/outputs with I2C, 1-wire for temp sensors and UART for communications with other modules.
When I program just one or two functions I don’t have problems, but when I want all functions together my program doesn’t work. I think it’s a problem with Arduinos Library’s interruptions or something that I don’t have find documentation. And tested with Arduino Nano too without Cayenne connection (WIFI), and same problems.
My question is for those who are more experienced with Arduino or NodeMCU: what IDE do you suggest for writing my code to avoid this interruption issues? Could you suggest an IDE with a good stack of quality libraries? or good documentation, I will appreciate any help, thanks

you can choose any of the IDE from here Arduino Playground - HomePage, but i personally like the arduino IDE.
if you want to learn more about arduino, is a good place to start


Thanks shramik, I’m trying PlatformIO, we will see if it get’s better