Nodemcu compatible to the sketches?

Hi I wonder if the arduino sketches are 100% compatible with the nodeMCU board?

reason I ask is it have a great size and intergrated wifi, so perfect for room temperature sensor.

Mostly so.

It writes over the NodeMCU flash, so you had better know how to get the AT command set back if that matters.


Why would you want to use NodeMCU?
The Arduino IDE seems to work well
to bootstrap Cayenne initially.
Once is all it takes? :wink:

I gotta get back to soldering Esp12-e WiFi 277Vac/16Amp relay board + power supply

cheaper and with intergrated wifi

planing to have 7-8 nodes to do temp and humidity and maybe even motion detecting.

straight up!
I’m trying to make an IoT device small enough to fit inside a standard electric wall box 20cu" deep single gang. The relay must be rated for a fully loaded 20Amp circuit, -so I made this “Allie” circuit for an Esp12-E.

1 big relay with (4) I/O connections to an RJ48 jack (for ease of connection), onboard 3.3V@1.5A regulator, sta-kon connections on both +12 in and high-voltage contacts.
Of course- the Orange/White wires from the RJ48 plug will go to the physical switch that Allie is replacing. Th high voltage wires now both go the the ALE relay, and the existing wall switch will be wired to the Orange/White wires from the Allie RJ48.

The remaining 3 I/O can be used for
door magnetic contact for an alarm, or
additional “wireless” wall switches
to control other Cayenne relays or