Connect Wireless Door Bell to Cayenne

This is my second Cayenne project.
I connect my wireless door bell to Cayenne, when someone rings - Cayenne send a SMS.

This is timer board
Timer holds a high value for 30s.

Schematics timer board



Great project! I’ve sent you the participation prize.


Thank you very much.

Nice…Why don’t you incorporate email notification including a photo attached of who rang the doorbell with time stamp. Also include the ability to test / ring the doorbell from anywhere in the world by ringing it remotely! All this works well as I have completed this concept…?

Probably would be easier to do with a Raspberry Pi and just use the on-board camera module too? Did you complete the concept with Cayenne?


I have it installed as it is in the project.
Ring the doorbell from anywhere in the world,It not use.