Proof of concept door alarm

About This Project

First project using the Android App. A proof of concept of an alarm than notifies me via email when a door is opened. Still needs to be set up to be battery powered but the concept works.

The capacitive touch sensor is attached to digital pin 2 of the arduino and Cayenne reads that input and inverts it. When the door is closed the magnet is near enough to the capacitive touch sensor to give a logic high level. This is inverted by cayenne so while the door is closed, cayenne outputs a 1. When the door is opened, the magnet moves away from the sensor, the capacitive touch sensor outputs a 0, so cayenne outputs a 1 and triggers the notification.

What’s Connected

Cayenne, Arduino Uno, Ethernet Shield W5100, TTP223B capacitive touch sensor, magnet, sticky tape, jumper wires, breadboard.

Triggers & Alerts

When door is open (cayenne output is 1), send email notification.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

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can you provide me the code for TTP223 Based Capacitive Touch Sensor Module?? i am not able to interface